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Hawker Hunter F.51

Manufacturer: Hawker
Purpose: Single Seat Day Interceptor
Crew 1 Pilot
Max Speed (sea level): 520 knots
Cruising speed: Approx 436 knots
Service ceiling: 48,000ft
All-up weight: 15,400 lb
Weapons: Four 20mm cannons in nose, and provision for 2,000lb of bombs or rocket projectiles.
Range: 940 nautical miles


E430 was an export version of the Hunter built for the Royal Danish Air Force. The F.51 variant is based upon the Hunter F.4. E430 was the last aircraft to be built out of a batch of 30 aircraft. It first flew on the 19th of June 1956 piloted by Frank Bullen.

E430 was delivered to ESK 724 of the Royal Danish Air Force on the 18th of August 1958.

It was purchased by Hawker Siddeley Aviation on the 20th of March 1976 and registered as G-9-448. It was later disposed of to Thorpe Park Leisure Centre and from there it went to Park Aviation in Faygate, Surrey.

It was rescued from Faygate and transferred to Charlwood.




Note: This airframe is actually a composite of three different hunters. The Fuselage is indeed E-430, however the port wing is from XF418 and the starboard wing is XG226!

E430 in May 2003 in her sorry state! The same airframe after some TLC.
Late May 2004 Currently E430 is still looking for a volunteer(s) to help restore her to pristine condition. A large amount of work has been carried out on this airframe. The major jobs were making panels to replace those that were missing. Ted Wright has done a magnificent job and continues to finish off the panels and other airframe tasks. A coat of paint was applied to most of the upper surfaces and most of the lower ones. A full repaint for this aircraft is due in 2008.

Front view