Peter Vallance had a passion and a love for all things aviation. He understood the fascination that many people have with flying and the euphoric effect it has on people. He equally well understood that many others were obsorbed by the machines that acheived this almost magic like state. Tempered with all of this he also knew that very few individuals managed to get to fly or work with the objects that actually flew. As a consequence when he started to put together his aircraft collection he soon recognised that there was an education element to his efforts.

Peter was a very direct and focused man. He knew what he wanted and made all efforts to get it. His vision for his collection was for it to be housed in an envirnmentally sound, self sustaining building and be available to all of the public. In equal measure he wanted it to be an education centre where new generations of engineers and pilots could learn and grow.

In over 20 years of trying to see his vision realised, he sadly never did see it materalise.

Peter was known world over for his fight to preserve some of the history contained in ex military airframes. He also believed that in England if you owned property you should be able to do what you wished with it. It was a source of constant irritation that outsiders controlled his property. He well recognised the need to be "responsible" and he included in his plans community features to allow the local (and not so local) populace to enjoy his bit of England. Sadly this was so often not recognised or thrown back in his face.

Much more to come on this inspirational story

Following the demise of Peter Vallance, the museum is now being run by a charitable trust that was set up for just this eventuality. The museum will continue, it will grow and strengthen and will achieve the status that Peter fought for, for so many years.


On the 3rd of December 2014 a step towards Peters dream was taken when MVDC approved the plans submitted by the museum to replace the old chicken sheds with a new building to house most of the collection. It may not be all that Peter wanted but it will preserve signicant airframes that Peter fought for so long to preserve.